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With over 50 years of experience in Law Enforcement, Brooks Brothers Investigations is recognized as the preferred detective agency in the Midwest. Brooks Brothers Investigations has earned the respect of its clients by its great success & accomplishments. Brooks Brothers Investigations takes a variety of cases nationwide and works with licensed investigators in all states.

With a full professional staff, BBI will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, handling a wide array of complex assignments and investigations, providing timely and comprehensive investigative results in an aggressive, but highly professional and ethical manner.

Brooks Brothers Investigations, also known as Des Moines Investigations, specializes in criminal investigations, matrimonial and relationship investigations, insurance fraud, and data base searches.

The primary goal of this site is not only to display the services provided by BBI but to discuss these services in depth. This very interactive site includes streaming videos provided by Brooks Brothers Investigations, informative private investigation videos, as well as a few entertaining clips.

All conversations, faxes and emails are kept strictly confidential. Brooks Brothers work ethic and ability to go the extra mile is their trademark. Their loyalty and commitment to clientele is above reproach. Please feel free to contact Brooks Brothers Investigations to inquire about its services or simply fill out the General Questions Form. We will provide a quick, confidential, & innovative response to all your investigative needs.

Detective Brooks, the founder of Brooks Brothers Investigations, has many years of experience in law enforcement and public service. He has an outstanding career, serving as Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer and Chief of Police. Mr. Brooks has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers all over the country. Before opening Brooks Brothers Investigations, Detective Brooks specialized in Criminal Defense Investigations and has solved many cases that were once closed.

Detective Brooks has also specialized in surveillance and Narcotics. He personally seized over 3 million dollars of illegal drugs and was ranked one of the top law enforcement officers in Iowa. He is a graduate of the Los Angeles Police Department and has received his Drug Recognition Expert Certificate and Master Detective Certificate, also known as Masters of Criminal Investigations. He continues to expand with new, fresh, innovative ideas, remaining the leader in the private detective field.

Brooks Brothers Investigations is a BBB Accredited Investigator in Des Moines, IA

Please feel free to contact Brooks Brothers Investigations:
Local: 515-246-8100 | Toll-free: 1-866-631-ISPY (4779)

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